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Ms. Espinoza

Mrs. Vianna Espinoza

Special Day Class

Years at NMCMS: 8

Who am I? I am Vianna Espinoza- Special Day Class Teacher Special Education department. I am a parent of a child with physical and educational needs, who has cerebral palsy spastic diplegia. I also have a little girl born in 2023. I am an advocate for special needs. I have experience ranching, repairing tools, and create my own designs for T-shirts and stickers:) I am currently on the multiple school teams and love to make sure all our students are included. I am also a teacher coach/mentor for other district staff obtaining clear credentials.

Background Education: I have an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education, and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I have taken classes to support Autism Spectrum Disorders, English Learners, and integration of arts. I recently was awarded special Education teacher of the year for our district and the county.

My favorites: I love crafting, projects, playing music on Fridays for the school. I am also a bit energetic and find myself singing words or connecting songs to phrases- I enjoy making students feel a bit happier even if I sound cheesy. I also really love being home or spending time with my family.

What I do for students and the school: I make sure your students are excited about school, exposing them to grade level material/curriculum, while providing them with the accommodations and modifications necessary to obtain their IEP goals. I also help support social inclusion by motivating students to follow social cues.


Phone: (831) 633-3391 ext.  3105

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